Summer Camp 2022

Video records are available on YouTube (please click the links below):

Keyboard & Melodica –  Theme from “Yellow River Piano Concerto” (China)

Piano – Do Re Mi from “The Sound of Music”

Soprano Recorder – “Hot cross buns”

First-Time Trying Violin – “The Blue Danube Waltz”

屁屁體操 from Nodame Cantabile

Rhythm Practice on Giant Piano from the Japanese Taikoo Music

Ear Training & Singing by Violin & Cello

Musical Terms – Presto & Largo

Photo Gallery

Quarter & 8th Notes Rhythm Training by Xylophone & Glockenspiel

Taste of Flute playing

Baby Shark_ver1_Rhythm Sticks & Drum

Indian Music & Cultural Appreciation

Week of India – Piano & Melodica

Baby Shark_ver2_Dance with Rhythm Sticks & Chair

Ukulele, Flute & Recorder

Hawaii Dance