Juan Sebastian – Composition & Theory

Dr. Juan Sebastian is a composer whose musical compositions are inspired by literature, using stories and moods from books as scaffolding, in hope to create a new personal read.

His orchestral piece “Negra espalda del tiempo” was awarded the 2017 Bogotá Philharmonic Prize in Composition. In 2019, his Choir and Orchestra piece “Cuando fui mortal” won the National Composition Competition. His orchestral and chamber music have been performed, awarded and/or recorded by the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra, Memphis Symphony Orchestra, University EAFIT Symphonic Orchestra, Caldas Symphonic Orchestra, University of Memphis Contemporary Chamber Players and Periscopio Ensemble. 

Juan Sebastian obtained his DMA in composition at the University of Memphis, with Kamran Ince, John Baur and Mahir Cetiz. In 2016, Juan Sebastian earned an M.M. in composition from the University EAFIT, where he studied with Victor Agudelo. In 2014, Juan earned his bachelor’s in music education from the University of Caldas, where he studied with Juan Carlos Valencia, Hector Fabio Torres and Jaime Jaramillo. Juan is very thankful for the tremendous amount of work that Cesar Cano, his first music teacher, did in his hometown Marsella; he inspired him to be a musician. Besides that, Juan took composition lessons with Gustavo Parra, Juan Carlos Padilla and James Diaz. In 2015, he was given a condecoration for academic merit in the event “Noche de los mejores” by the former President of Colombia and Nobel Peace Prize.

Watch this piece for voice and piano that he composed in 2017:
Or this orchestral piece played by an Orchestra in Colombia: